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City of a thousand faces and of an intriguing and discreet charm which is there to be discovered and increasingly appreciated as one gets to know the city better. Lucca with its superb 16 C City Walls which protectingly encircle it, charming place to stroll among the trees and grassy banks. Lucca with its tranquil river which looks on a short distance away offering unforgettable walks where one can restore body and mind. Lucca, city of great artists, of immortal composers such as Boccherini, Catalani and Puccini, of famous writers and historians. Lucca with its shop windows which testify the flourishing continuity of mercantile business dating from past centuries and never forgotten; with the streets of its town centre where the traditions are renewed every day offering a variety of wines, gastronomic, handmade and local products, with its Antiques Market one of the most important and oldest in Tuscany, the 3rd weekend of each month. Lucca witLuccah its monuments, squares, fountains, museums; with its tranquil medieval town centre in great part pedestrian, with its theatre, the Teatro del Giglio, and its esteemed seasons of opera, prose, orchestral music and dance; with its important cultural events such as the Comics Revue and the Summer Festival, the traditional ones such as the Procession of Santa Croce during the city's September festivities, or the Flower Market dedicated to S. Zita in April; with the sure knowledge that you can walk through the city at any time in complete safety Lucca is a city which offers the tourist attractions of historic interest and natural beauty, with one of the oldest botanical gardens and which is also the ideal place to stop and stay for a few days to get to know it better and to give one the chance to see how easy it is to get to, by train, road or motorway, the other cities of historical fame, the Versilia Riviera or the pleasant resorts of the Mediavalle and the Garfagnana.

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